Hey there! It’s been years since I last posted something on Tumblr. Actually, I deleted two accounts prior to this because I want to start a new blog (ironically, with the same URL; I don’t want anyone to use zenasharvey.tumblr.com). Anyway, why am I doing this right now? Why blog when there’s no one following me? Hmmmm, you know those days when you feel like sharing a great experience but you don’t feel like flooding your Twitter feed and you don’t think Facebook’s the most appropriate platform? Yup, that’s why. That aside, I want to treasure every waking moment because *dun, dun, dun* I’m about to graduate from undergraduate studies and minor programs! And I want to immortalize my memories with PM. Hahahahaha. Not to mention, I want to track my progress in terms of acads, health, and personal growth.

So this is the start, I guess. If you want to follow and read my stories, feel free to hit the button! You know where it is. 

Zenas Harvey